so it begins

I toying with the idea of auditing (and perhaps enrolling in) a class at Parkland, GDS 108. I have had a couple email exchanges with the Department Professor, Paul Young, and I persuaded that this might be a good class to help me fine-tune and hone my web skills in the artistic direction. Another mischievous (devious?) part of me is silently challenging Paul’s assertion: “to teach non-artists that visual communication works just like written communication: it’s just a language with grammatical rules that anyone can learn.” This is a test to see if that is true or not.


One of the first assignments is to create a blog. I have several blogs around the webs (1, 2, plus others I created and have since turned into compost); another aspect of creating a new blog is to try to consolidate blogs and start using some of the partition/segmentation features of WordPress. My previous blogs were all specific to a subject – this one will be an “umbrella” in which I hope to clearly define, well… at least better define, me.


Somehow I am supposed to keep a visual diary. I already think this is going to be a huge challenge. We are to develop a “process” of analyzing what we see and experience, but the more daunting aspect is cataloging the process from cradle to grave. This can be a great thing if it actually does become a tool by which I can evaluate and critique my own work (and even open up my inner workings for comment from others). I sincerely have my doubts this will happen. 🙂 But like I said, I intend to face those doubts and march forward just to see what happens.


The first assignment also suggests that we do a lot of doodling. I don’t doodle. I am supposed to discipline myself by drawing something on my 5th limb (a notebook of some sort). I think in the past 20 years I have probably drawn one picture. Maybe it was 25 years. But hey, if this is the assignment….


More to follow. I hope.


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