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“I just finished the book; my not-yet-fully-formed thought is that the underlying issue is not so much “how much pink is too much?” but rather how we are being programmed.

I was the parent who thought it would be a fascinating to train a child that what we commonly know as “red” to be “green”. Just as an experiment. See what the doctors and teachers would make of that. For some odd reason, I never gained full support for that idea (can’t imagine why, think of all the research possibilities, all the fun, all the… what, not fun you say?).

However the programming that Peggy Orenstein attempts to elucidate is much more sinister in my opinion. No matter what your personal thoughts are on sex and religion (oh my, social faux pas right there, using those two words in the same sentence!), Big Business is attempting to brainwash all of us simply to generate more revenue. Money is the bottom-line driver for so much in this country, and people have figured out what sells. Even more insidious, those same people have figured out how to create a cycle in which they define what sells. It is our job to fight that onslaught, that injustice, day in and day out. Am I being too melodramatic?

The trick, and the focus of writing such interesting books and articles as Mrs. Orenstein has, I believe, is to figure out how to do that. Hence Heather Grush Schultz’s desire for a book club and http://free2bgirl.prophpbb.com/. There are other aspects of the book which intrigue me as well. For instance, Mrs. Orenstein’s handling of sexuality and identity is something that has practically become taboo, but we all seek freedom to express our thoughts and learn who we are. And determine, for ourselves, who we are.”